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FMCG caters a wide range of products. Some of the prominent segments are processed food items, wines & alcohols, soft drinks & packaged water, bakery products etc. Find here a list of 40 best FMCG business ideas. 5 Reason For Starting FMCG Business. One of the most important reason is the investment amount. If YES, here is a sample FMCG business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE. As the name suggests, fast moving consumer goods are those goods which are non-durable and will quickly sell. This is a great distributorship business opportunity to be considered. Business Plan for a FMCG Company!!!!! - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Businessplan for a FMCG Company. A Marketing Plan for FMCG (Soap) fmcg. Study of Sales Organization Structure and Its Effectiveness in FMCG Sector. business plan of mashrum chip/5(14).

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Owned by Mrs. Ghirija kumary and managed by Mr. Saleem C Muhammed. Majic Taste is aiming to hit the market with its high quality chips and snacks. The quality of the products will be the highlighting feature in marketing. A semi-automatic technology with latest machineries is used for production of snacks. Majic Taste will be available in all the leading supermarkets and retail outlets in Kerala, fmcg business plan.

Majic Taste is planning to develop its sales to all over Kerala. Initial marketing is planned through supermarkets and retail outlets. The product range of Majic Taste starts from Banana chips, Cassava chips, Kerala mixture and basic traditional snack items. There are about 33 varieties of snacks and chips in the product range. They are also planning to export the snacks to some gulf countries.

Vision: We aspire to provide health guaranteed snacks and chips fmcg business plan people who love to enjoy taste. We stands for quality and believe in our motto better quality for better taste We preserve our traditional Kerala taste with the use of technology and expertise. Mission Our mission is to help Keralites to enjoy their traditional taste that ensure quality and fmcg business plan with our service and coverage Our mission is to spread the Majic of traditional taste to Keralites across the globe by exporting to overseas Our mission is to establish as a customer choice brand among snacks category within next one year Our mission is to help the people to have fried snacks at tea time with no worry on health aspects.

The main objectives of Majic Taste is as follows, To establish Majic Taste in Kerala as the leading brand in snack foods To make the brand available in all retail outlets in Kerala To make a good distribution network for the brand To make Majic Taste a leading Brand in Middle east and other countries Expansion of the business in next two years To increase the export volume of the company.

Company Summary 2. Ghirija kumary and Managed by Mr. Muhammed Saleem. The company is located at Adoor in Pathanamtitta district of Kerala. The company owns the trademark of Majic Taste for their entire products. Yummifying you will be the slogan of the brand. New Majic Food Industries owns a website www.

Company Letter Head 3. Company Website 4, fmcg business plan. Packaging Design 5. Bar-coding Registration 6. Company Website Website Name: www, fmcg business plan. Packaging Design Packaging design is to be done with the help of a designer.

Company logo and brand story needs to be included. Different colours should be used for variant items 10 items. Export packaging norms needs to be included in the packaging cover. Please note all fields in the registration form are mandatory.

Request letter from Applicant Company on its letterhead for allocation of GS1 company prefix number. All the varieties of Kerala traditional snacks and chips are there in the product list. Traditional Majic - Magic of fmcg business plan taste by traditional Kerala style of fmcg business plan Trusty Majic Semi automated production technology ensures human involvement who are expertised in traditional Kerala style snack preparation - People usually carry a doubt in their mind about the usage of used oil in the preparation of snacks.

We believe in our Motto better Quality for better Taste. A semi- automatised production technology is used for entire list of products. The machineries used for the production are of latest technology, fmcg business plan. Benefits of using semi-automatic technology of production. Majic Taste will be available at, Leading supermarkets in Kerala All retail outlets selling snacks and food items Leading bakeries and food courts, fmcg business plan.

The major market of the brand in Kerala is from the leading supermarkets because of the availability of potential customers, fmcg business plan. Majic Taste is targeting middle level income group and higher level income group as the pricing pattern is bit higher than the local brands available.

During the initial phase Majic Taste is concentrating on five districts in South Kerala, fmcg business plan, considering the operational feasibility and market knowledge, fmcg business plan. Later on planning to expand the business all over Kerala through a distribution network.

Majic Taste is planning to give a best wholesale rate during the initial period to the supermarkets and other retail outlets to encourage the products more. Majic Taste is planning to do bill table display to have a visibility of the products. Majic taste is also using the in-house promotional activities to attract customers, fmcg business plan. Promotional Plans during the introduction stage of brand Customer campaigning to inform the introduction of the brand Display of Danglers in a attractive design in all supermarkets and retail outlets Hoardings to be placed in major supermarkets, parks, buses, cinema halls etc Brochures or leaflets regarding details about products should be issued through bill tables of major retail outlets Utilize the premium shelves offered by the leading super markets Make a small gift fmcg business plan with each pack or two packs, fmcg business plan.

Gifts like pens can be used. Place a scratch coupon inside packs and offer small gifts to certain coupons like caps, one pack of Majic taste etc. The vehicles used for sales can be painted with Majic Tastes Promotion Stress the health benefits of the brand in every promotional activities as customers are very much conscious now a day Product boards displayed on the trolleys can be used.

Initial Promotion Campaign: Three schemes can be introduced as initial promotional schemes. Mode of operation The offer can be operated comparing the margin per pack with volume selling.

If the cost per pack is Rs 23, then the cost of combo pack will be of Rs, fmcg business plan. About the offer: It is a surprise gift offer to customers. In this particular offer there will be one surprise number in the Majic pack and the number is awarded by a gift when the customers present it with the pack cover. Mode of operation: Three set of surprise numbers E.

A Majic pack contains one among the three numbers. Specific gifts are planned for each number for e. Numbers can be included as a separate sticker in the packaging cover. In this particular offer, if a customer purchases 5 packs of snacks, one pack will be given free of cost.

The scheme aims at building more sales volume. Mode of Operation: Offer information can be displayed near the counter in a flex or board. Retailers can be provided with fmcg business plan minimum number of free packs. Fmcg business plan Strategy Sales personnels are appointed to expand the brand throughout Kerala.

The main aim of Majic Taste is to create the brand loyalty of the products. Sales can be done through distributors and by route sales. During the initial phase, the company is planning to use distributors in Eranakulam, Kollam and Kottayam districts, fmcg business plan. The route sales are planned for Pathanamtitta and Alapuzha districts, fmcg business plan.

Strategy to be used in route sales Identify potential routes that can be controlled directly and fix the routes in a cost effective manner Average number of outlets should be fixed in each routes fmcg business plan the capacity of our vans Expected sales in each route must be identified Each fmcg business plan should be followed up once in a week on a fixed day The route salesman should ensure the availability of products to each routes.

To make a route sales fixture with regard to vans available and continue the process Daily report collection of each route from sale executives and drivers Sales executives is advised to encourage the promotional activities done by the company Provide a good incentive plan for sales executives based on sales which will help to get more orders Follow ups from the management side to ensure the proper working of the system. Identification of routes in Pathanamtitta and Alapuzha district Majic taste will is planning to do route sales in Pathanamtitta and Alapuzha districts.

The plant is located at Adoor so the route sales will be operated from Adoor. Sales using distribution network Majic Taste is planning to identify distributors in districts other than that having route sales. The distribution channel for the product may be. ParthsarathiTemple, M, fmcg business plan. During the initial stages the products will be made available in all the leading outlets in gulf countries.

Exporting will be done through a prominent exporter in Kerala. Pricing Policy As the products are marketed as a healthy snack so the company is liable to maintain prices at par to the competitors due to superior quality, fmcg business plan.

Company is planning to give better promotional rates to the retailers. This is done as a part of promotional activities for the brand, fmcg business plan. Certain points are to be taken into consideration while framing a pricing policy. How much is the cost price of the product? The cost price of the product will be depending on the purchase price of the raw materials, cost of labor, cost of promotion activities and other overhead expenses involved in production What are the marketing techniques to be used?

Majic taste will need lot of promotion activities in the introduction stage. More promotion has to be done in supermarkets itself. This will be more effective and less expensive. What is the price fmcg business plan of competitors? Majic Taste mainly concentrates on middle and above middle level people. What will be the profit target of Majic Taste? Initially the profit will be very low as the product is in introduction stage.

Fmcg business plan promotional activities need to be done at this stage. What will be the margins to the intermediaries? Distributors and retailers will demand for more margins to place the product. But once the product hits the market they will be willing to decrease the margins.

Management Fmcg business plan Mrs, fmcg business plan. Saleem will be the managing the day to day activities of the firm.

He will be responsible for Purchase and Production department.



fmcg business plan


FMCG caters a wide range of products. Some of the prominent segments are processed food items, wines & alcohols, soft drinks & packaged water, bakery products etc. Find here a list of 40 best FMCG business ideas. 5 Reason For Starting FMCG Business. One of the most important reason is the investment amount. Free Wholesale and Distributor Sample Business Plans These sample business plans for wholesale and distribution businesses will give you the head start you need to get your own business plan done. These, and hundreds more sample business plans, are included in LivePlan. If YES, here is a sample FMCG business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE. As the name suggests, fast moving consumer goods are those goods which are non-durable and will quickly sell. This is a great distributorship business opportunity to be considered.